Hotel Elsewhere is a Theatre Company, first formed at the University of Chichester, where every member studied theatre. They were brought together by a ragtag, DIY spirit, and the determination to involve as many of their personal passions into their work as possible. Whilst every member of the company is a practicing solo artist, focusing on themes ranging from feminism, to mythology, to drag, to storybook fairytales, they feel most at home collaborating together, and thus the Hotel was formed.


Hotel Elsewhere have a passion for creating work that appeals to all audiences, regardless of their relationship with theatre. Whether this be by creating accessible shows, relatable to a wide range of audience members, or delicately crafting workshops and interacting with the public with a sense of respect and intimacy. We consider the audience as our friends, and Hotel Elsewhere will always have a place in our hearts for our friends, new or old, so why not come along to a show and get to know us a little better?