We are overjoyed you are considering inviting us along to your shindig, and are delighted to offer the following Mix-A-Memory Menus for your event!


The Hotel's House Menu: This is our classic combination of scents, taking you back into our own personal memories, where you can settle into a secluded cabin in the woods, or relive the childhood glee of pancake day, alongside other wonderful moments. This is the most versatile menu available, and is sure to offer something that resonates with guests from all walks of life!


Captain Coniferous' Tea Room: If you fancy yourself a Steampunk adventurer, then we would invite you to sample this splendiferous menu, old chum! Our Scentgineers scoured the globe to bring you scents such as Old Man Rusty's Engine Room and Balloon Ride Over London. Tallyho, good gentlepeople! 


Tree-Blossom's Fairytale Tea Party: Featuring scents ranging from The Dryad's Glade to the Ancient Dragon's Den, this wondrous menu is sure to light the fires of imagination and awaken the whimsy in even the most stoney-faced of guests! The Tea Party is perfect for children young and old, just remember, don't drink the tea! 


Custom: For an additional charge, the Hotel will be happy to put their gremlins to work, crafting an entirely new menu suited specifically for your event. Hotel Elsewhere will work with you to craft a truly one-of-a-kind menu, and what better way to commemorate an important event than by letting your guest revisit your own unique tales? This additional charge covers the work required to create a menu suitable to a high standard, covers cost for exciting new ingredients. 


Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the scale of interaction the cafe of scent offers. For the more boisterous guests we will embody big characters, certain to put a smile on your face and whisk you into the strange and inviting world of Hotel Elsewhere. For more reluctant guests, this can be scaled back to focus on the core concept of the performance, wonderful scents and reliving memories. 


For more information, or to book the Hotel, please email us at hotelelsewhere@gmail.com, contact us on Facebook, or leave us a message in a bottle.