Albert Ackintosh, or more widely known as ‘The Scientist’ is the erratic, self proclaimed genius who moved into the Hotel attic many years ago. He keeps his work to himself and likes to believe that nobody knows he’s up there, but everybody in the Hotel can hear him shouting about his new radio creation. 

The scientist is very proud of his inventions, most of which were already invented decades ago, but this means he’s incredibly paranoid that everybody is out to get him and steal his creations. Maybe his cautiousness is more necessary than he realises.


Gremlin is one of the many little technical gremlins that works in the Hotel. As the youngest gremlin of the litter, he’s naive and incredibly optimistic. While he should be running about the building fixing any and all technical errors, he instead likes to spend his time making friends and getting carried away on adventures. While his knowledge doesn’t span further than tech, he has a big heart.


One of the Scientist’s first inventions was a robot he called ‘Albert Akintosh’s Autonmous Android’, but they prefer to be called Brian.

Brian is the Scientist’s right-hand android, though they know they are much smarter, much calmer, and are generally much more adept at being in charge. They like to gloat every once in a while to show off that they are in fact the smartest being in the attic, whilst making everyone a hot beverage from the drinks machine in their chest. 


Not much is known about the Demon that resides within room 666, only that peculiar sounds, lights and occasional fog can be seen and heard emanating from beneath the door. We can only guess the plots and plans that they are working on day and night as they spend their time locked away in their room, tormenting the individuals within the attic through their radio.

One common question that other residents can be heard muttering to each other is simply, what does the Demon’s presence mean for the Hotel?

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