Mix-a-memory is a cafe of scent, an interactive event where the participants can mix a memory from the range of ingredients provided. In the space they are encouraged to experiment with different combinations until they can create a scent of a memory, a smell that will transport them back in time to an event in their life, a location or even a person. The idea is to to use scent to help the participants recall certain memories that might have previously been forgotten to them and to share this with the other participants around them. This project plays with shared memory, which is why it is presented in a cafe setting, a traditionally social space, which encourages and prompts discuss​ion.

It may sound a little strange, but you’re in safe hands with the Hotel’s resident ‘scentologists!’ We will be there to guide you back into your memories, and we’re more than happy to discuss how you’re feeling once we get there! Mix-a-Memory is perfect for all sorts of festival and nontraditional theatre settings, and is especially effective when working with people from varying age groups, backgrounds and walks of life.

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