It seems you've stumbled across our family photo wall. Here is an ever-evolving collection of Hotel managers, guests, associates, and companions. We've included a little bit about ourselves if you'll allow us the indulgence. We hope you enjoy these rather expensive portraits of the team and getting to know our little family. At the Hotel, we think it's important to give credit where credit is due.



Abigail attended Willow Tree Performing Arts School, before going on to study Theatre at the University of Chichester. They are a digital artist and occasionally dabbles in handdrawn stopmotion animation. They are our resident animation expert, chief set designer, and choreographer.


When crafting they're own work, Abigail creates storybook theatre, combining enchanting narrative with a delicate, mystical aesthetic. Their theatre is a gentle sensory experience, ensuring that their work is comfortable and accessible for all.


Alternatively; Abigail was discovered in a secret woodland glade in 1827, and has seemingly not aged since. They are fluent in all animal languages, even the particularly tricky dialectic of the Madagascan fox-moose. According to the resident fortune-teller, Abigail’s arrival in the Hotel is a grave omen of a coming disaster, but we reckon it’s worth keeping them around.


Whilst studying Theatre at the University of Chichester, Eddie has also written, produced, and performed his own music under the stage name Eddie Era. He has also worked with live art duo Search Party as part of their research and development team. He is our resident sound designer and co-composer.


When crafting his own work, Eddie is concerned with bringing feminist politics to the forefront of his theatre and showing the importance of men being unafraid to label themselves as feminists. This includes tackling toxic masculinity, breaking down gender boundaries and taking responsibility for male privilege.


Alternatively; Eddie strolled into the Hotel on one dark and stormy night, leaving his tandem bicycle and car radio in the car park outside. He studied under the great duck wizard, Duckard Gooseton, and specialises in advanced quack magic. Unfortunately, most of his spells misfire, and he has been cursed with four metre long legs. The Hotel had to raise the ceilings to accommodate him.


Lu studied Theatre at the University of Chichester, and was also the Social Media Marketing Assistant for the Theatre Department. She interned with Bootworks’ Theatre Company on their show Jukeboxes. Lu is our resident social media manager, chief peacekeeper,costume designer and colour connisure.


When crafting her own work, Lu makes theatre surrounding queer and feminist issues. Through big characters and vibrant colours, she enjoys bringing the fun to politics and ensuring audiences have a good time whilst still understanding the importance behind the performances.


Alternatively; Lu’s journey to the Hotel was a spiritual one. Years ago, Lu was a simple goat farmer, training her furry companions to be the greatest travelling goat circus known to man, woman, or crustacean. However, her plans took a turn when her trusty goat-y companions spontaneously obtained the power of speech, and asked her rather politely to seek out the Hotel. A few weeks later she arrived with her goats, and the circus has entertained the guests for hours on end, though the goats do have a habit of head-butting the old washer woman from room 3582.


Matthew is a theatre maker who creates performances based around fantasy, throwing yourself into the world of make believe and letting your imagination run wild. While also writing performances that focus around love and relationship, ranging from the friends that come and go to the ones you want to spend the rest of your life with. Matthew also dabbles in voice acting, and is planning to build his voice work career. Matt is our residant technition.

Alternatively; We do not quite know how long Matthew has been in the Hotel, or how long the basement has been his home. Mysteriously, during a Hotel-wide party, the lights in the hotel began to change colours. After a while of dancing in the funky lighting, we tracked the problem down to the damp, unused basement and much to our surprise found Matthew fiddling with the light fixtures. We invited him to join our party and ever since then, we have lovingly referred to him as our Technical Gremlin, and he always finds the right lighting to reflect our mood. 




Throughout his school life Mike has always had a flare for the dramatics! Taking up any opportunity to perform on the stage, Mike went from staring as Mr Toad in the ‘Adventures of Mr Toad’ and Monsieur Thénardier in (the school edition of) Les Miserable The Musical, to performing in local AmDrams and even in Southampton’s The Mayflower.


Using skills he learnt from his time on the BA and MA Theatre courses at UOC, he plans on developing performances centred around the science behind his own disabilities. Mike is one of our fantastic performers.


Alternatively; Mike, or maybe more famously known as Magic Mike, was the most prolific magician in all the land. After performing his show stopping finale, producing a white rabbit from a black top hat, he spied a rogue hat on the edge of a forest. Abandoning the deafening applause, he walked towards the hat and saw a path of hats leading him deep into the woods. He followed the hats, placing each on upon his head, until they led him to the gates of the Hotel. Mike has been here ever since dazzling people with his magical skills, and more impressively, his large collection of unique hats. 



Nickey started her training in musical theatre at Diverse Performing Arts School in Dubai, but later realised acting was her true passion. After starting the Acting course at The University of Chichester, she has performed in and created several successful university pieces. Now in her second year, she is experimenting with film as well as theatre, and will be debuting in her first short-film very soon. Beyond her love for theatre and film, Nickey is also passionate about writing and performing music.


Nickey is an emotive and lively performer who loves a challenge. Her performance style varies from naturalistic to absurd, and loves to embellish LGBTQ+ and feminist themes into her work. Nickey is one of our amazing actors.


Alternatively; For many centuries the Hotel had a delightful puppy that zipped through the hallways with abundant energy, always brightening the mood of a room. Then the Alchemist spilled a magic potion on the aforementioned puppy, and it grew into a human! This puppy's name was Nickey, and aside from the lack of fur, not much else has changed.



In summer 2018 Holly assistant directed, and performed in, a new show at Camden Fringe called ‘Fingered Food.’ She has also performed with Bootworks on their hit show ‘Jukeboxes’, and studied Theatre at the University of Chichester. Holly is one of our brilliant performers and co-creator of After The Tone

When crafting her own work, Holly uses larger than life personas and catchy original music to tell stories about important and overlooked topics.


Alternatively; Holly was originally fished out of the Atlantic Ocean, by some hapless mermaid hunting fisherman. They were sorely disappointed to find out that she had human legs. She then went on to stage a mutiny against the brutish buccaneers, deserting them on a deserted desert island (without dessert.) Unfortunately, she had no clue on how to sail a ship, and within the hour had crashed into a small dockyard. Fortunately, she was only a short walk away from the Hotel, and those strangely human-y legs came in handy, or perhaps they came in footy.



Toby has always loved performing and he studied theatre at the University of Chichester. Toby has a flare for comedy and clowing. He uses dark comedy to examine political issues. Another of his passions is music, especially DJ'ing. You can find his creations at

Toby is one of our wonderful actors and a co-creator of After The Tone.


Alternatively; Toby always followed wherever the music took him. He learned there was magic to be found in the beats of the bass. One day, he followed the beats to their core and there he found a secret tribe of grasshoppers who’s song was so powerful they could be heard from miles away. They taught him the secret to making music last in the hearts of people forever. When Toby ventured to the Hotel, he vowed to share his music with the hearts of all of our guests, and the whole world too.







Theo and Nathan are actors, writers, theatre-makers and producers. They make up 2/5ths of devised comedy group Red Biscuit Theatre and are co-founders of The Crumb Reviews. Nathan enjoys nothing more than eating a Kinder Bueno in his pants whilst watching the smash hit Netflix sensation Suits, of which he is indifferent about the third series. Theo is a huge lover of sausage dogs, especially the way they walk with their little legs.

Alternatively: Nathan and Theo arrived to us one day on their cloud-drawn chariot. They revealed to us that they journey to different lands and offer their help and expertise to make dreams come true. They told us the tales of their travels: assisting a cyclops develop his juggling career, teaching a mermaid to walk a tight rope, and shutting down a centaur racing ring. For their next quest, they have now taken residence in our hotel and agreed to help us share our magic far and wide. 





Amy is an up and coming theatre maker based in the heart of London, and in her spare time she loves to snap the action live on stage or in the rehearsal room. Amy is one of our incredible photographers.


“There’s something magic about freezing that moment in time, it gives us memories to look back on, and a chance to see our artistic journey.”


Alternatively; For years, Amy has been living in the forest, a shadow amongst the animals. When the scary men arrived with their big trucks to tear down the trees in the Hotel’s forest, we thought it were a miracle when their machines wouldn’t start. But it was nothing more than the mischief Amy cast upon their engines. We feel safe knowing Amy continues to roam our forests, as a warrior for the earth. Though occasionally she’ll pop into the Hotel for some tea and a chat. 



Carissa studied film at DMU and has received several awards in local short film competitions and in education ceremonies. Since leaving uni, Carissa has been working on experimental and stop motion films that explore her own experiences with mental health, gender identity and addiction, as well as films that focus on wider themes of political inequality; she has written scripts for more narrative based films she wishes to make in the future too. For fun, she also makes fan edit videos for YouTube, one of which gained over 1 million views which she hopes isn't the peak of her success. Carissa is our amazing cinematographer.


Alternatively; Carissa was known in her local village as the ‘weird bug lady’, mostly for her collection on exotic bugs. She would travel all over in a search for rare bugs to add to her creepy-crawly empire. She travelled to the Hotel when hearing about our millipede infestation, and instead of disposing of them, she collected them all safely to join her other bug friends. She can still be found in her Hotel room, making short films featuring those pesky millipedes.  



Joel is a queer artist that enjoys playing with all the colours in the crayon box, exploring aspects of masculinity and femininity within their work as well the lighter and darker aspects of being queer in this day and age, with all the colours Joel’s focus is to create work that not only speaks volumes but also visually excites. Joel is also a performance photographer in his spare time and is currently working on how to bring photography into his theatre practice. Joel is one of our brilliant photographers.

Alternatively; Throughout all off the seasons, the hotel’s garden always seems to be lined with beautiful flowers of all kinds of colours and scents. It wasn’t until a rather snowy day that the hotel staff noticed out of one of the windows a kindly gnome dusting all the flower tops and making sure they had just enough warmth, light and water. Since then we've invited Joel, the flower gnome, to keep themselves warm by the fire and to bring as many flowers as they like in with them.