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It seems you've stumbled across our family photo wall. Here is an ever-evolving collection of Hotel managers, guests, associates, and companions. We've included a little bit about ourselves if you'll allow us the indulgence. We hope you enjoy these rather expensive portraits of the team and getting to know our little family. At the Hotel, we think it's important to give credit where credit is due.


Abigail attended Willow Tree Performing Arts School from the age of 3 then began to teach drama there at 15. She went on to work with Theatre in Education company Infusion Arts, before going on to study Theatre at the University of Chichester. She is our resident animation expert, chief set designer, and choreographer.


When crafting her own work, Abigail creates storybook theatre, combining enchanting narrative with a delicate, mystical aesthetic. Her theatre is a gentle sensory experience, ensuring that her work is comfortable and accessible for all.


Alternatively; Abigail was discovered in a secret woodland glade in 1827, and has seemingly not aged since. She is fluent in all animal languages, even the particularly tricky dialectic of the Madagascan fox-moose. According to the resident fortune-teller, Abigail’s arrival in the Hotel is a grave omen of a coming disaster, but we reckon it’s worth keeping her around.


Whilst studying Theatre at the University of Chichester, Eddie has also written, produced, and performed his own music under the stage name Eddie Era. He has also worked with live art duo Search Party as part of their research and development team. He is our resident sound designer and co-composer.


When crafting his own work, Eddie is concerned with bringing feminist politics to the forefront of his theatre and showing the importance of men being unafraid to label themselves as feminists. This includes tackling toxic masculinity, breaking down gender boundaries and taking responsibility for male privilege.


Alternatively; Eddie strolled into the Hotel on one dark and stormy night, leaving his tandem bicycle and car radio in the car park outside. He studied under the great duck wizard, Duckard Gooseton, and specialises in advanced quack magic. Unfortunately, most of his spells misfire, and he has been cursed with four metre long legs. The Hotel had to raise the ceilings to accommodate him.


Lucy achieved a Bronze Arts Award at the age of 14 with the Ashcroft Arts Centre. Not only does she study Theatre at the University of Chichester, she is also the Social Media Marketing Assistant for the Theatre Department. She also interned with Bootworks’ Theatre Company on their show Jukeboxes. Lucy is our resident social media manager, chief peace-keeper, costume designer and colour connoisseur.


When crafting her own work, Lucy makes theatre surrounding queer and feminist issues. Through big characters and vibrant colours, she enjoys bringing the fun to politics and ensuring audiences have a good time whilst still understanding the importance behind the performances.


Alternatively; Lucy’s journey to the Hotel was a spiritual one. Years ago, Lucy was a simple goat farmer, training her furry companions to be the greatest travelling goat circus known to man, woman, or crustacean. However, her plans took a turn when her trusty goat-y companions spontaneously obtained the power of speech, and asked her rather politely to seek out the Hotel. A few weeks later she arrived with her goats, and the circus has entertained the guests for hours on end, though the goats do have a habit of head-butting the old washer woman from room 3582.


Holly studied musical theatre at Swish of The Curtain amateur school from age 7-14 and began experimenting with songwriting shortly after. In summer 2018 she assistant directed, and performed in, a new show at Camden Fringe called ‘Fingered Food.’ She has also performed with Bootworks on their hit show ‘Jukeboxes’, and studied Theatre at the University of Chichester. Holly is our co-composer and chief lyricist.


When crafting her own work, Holly uses larger than life personas and catchy original music to tell stories about important and overlooked topics. Her unique and quirky sense of style perfectly compliments her innovative and creative use of live music in theatre.


Alternatively; Holly was originally fished out of the Atlantic Ocean, by some hapless mermaid hunting fisherman. They were sorely disappointed to find out that she had human legs. She then went on to stage a mutiny against the brutish buccaneers, deserting them on a deserted desert island (without dessert.) Unfortunately, she had no clue on how to sail a ship, and within the hour had crashed into a small dockyard. Fortunately, she was only a short walk away from the Hotel, and those strangely human-y legs came in handy, or perhaps they came in footy.