We have audio transcripts available so that everyone can read along with the podcast. Below you can download all of the transcripts of Through The Attic Door which will be available along with each episode released. Here at the Hotel we want our content to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. If there are any way we can help you better enjoy our content then please contact us and we will help you as best we can.

Season One

Episode One: Emergency broadcast

Episode Five:

A Lukewarm Reception

Episode Nine:

Too Much To Manage

Episode Two:

Day 14: The Whiteboard Hunt Continues

Episode Six:

Diggin' Up The Past

Episode Ten:

Why Did The Attic Gang Cross The City

Episode Three: Systematic Smiley Faces

Episode Seven:

The Evilympics

Episode Eleven:


Episode Four:

The Advanced Rules of OBJECTION

Episode Eight:

Tales From The Attic Door

Episode Twelve:

Winter Day

Season Two

S2 Episode One:

Back To The Ship!

S2 Episode Two:

Fool's Gold

S2 Episode Three:

The Forgotton City

S2 Episode Four:

Spring Day Show